Seaside Hotel Tips For Seaside Holidays

Going on holiday is an experience we look forward to for weeks if not months in advance. These days many of us are holidaying in the UK, possibly in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, possibly as it can be cheaper, or for some people, a way to relive childhood memories of holidays on the British Coast.

There are many factors which affect how enjoyable our holidays are and these fall under a variety of categories. The kind of activities you can do both inside and outside on holiday are often what makes the experience what it is, and when holidaying in Britain even in the summer time it is good to have some indoor activities lined up to keep you out of the probable rain!

A factor of your holiday experience which is one of the most important is the hotel you choose to stay in. In many seaside resorts such as Bournemouth there are a multitude of different types of accommodation to choose from, from sea-side hotels to luxury boutique hotels. There are so many hotels in Bournemouth that it is essential you do your research and find the best seaside hotel for your needs.

To help you to find the best seaside hotel here are a few tips:


Make sure the hotel is near all the local attractions and close to the sea. If looking for a Bournemouth hotel for example, you want to be a close enough walk to both the town centre and the seaside.

*Level of accommodation.

Sometimes an older more characteristic 3* hotel can be more beautiful than a modern looking 4* hotel, and as long as all of the taken for granted mod cons are installed such as a power shower in the bathroom, your stay will be more enjoyable due to the immense character.

*Seaside hotel reviews

Browsing online can often bring up many different seaside hotel reviews which can help influence your hotel choice.

*If looking in Bournemouth, does the Bournemouth hotel have a website?

If the hotel has a website then you can see pictures of the rooms and the communal areas and you can also often get discounted rates when making a booking online. You will also be able to see the address and check on an online map how far the hotel is from all the local attractions which you want to visit. Hotels in Bournemouth are often near to the beach, the gardens, the Bournemouth International Centre and Pavillion theatre where you can see shows, and there are also seaside museums.

Bournemouth like many other seaside resorts is a really enjoyable place to holiday, be it with your whole family or just a loved one or a friend. Once your Bournemouth hotel is arranged you can start planning a memorable trip.

Choosing The Best Summer Family Vacation Resorts

With summer just around the corner, families are now thinking and planning about spending some time in family resorts, where they can enjoy the sun, the sand and the surf while spending a lot of quality time with each other. There are a lot of resorts that cater to whole families and provide a host of family-friendly activities all year round. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing family vacation resorts.

Tips in Choosing Top Family Vacation Resorts

Having fun is the main goal for those who want to go on a family vacation. Top vacation resorts that offer family-oriented accommodations abound, but they may differ in the kind of activities offered and in affordability. Safety is also another consideration when looking for a resort or hotel for whole families, especially families vacationing with small children. Childproofing is important especially when bringing small kids along.

Top resorts for families do not just boast of pools and kiddie playgrounds as the main attractions. Today top family-oriented vacation resorts and hotels offer whole-day activities such as kids educational tours, art workshops and sports camps for kids, private babysitting for when the parents want a couple of hours by themselves, as well as amenities for babies and kids such as strollers, high chairs, and step stools, to name a few. The more opulent the resort, the more activities geared towards keeping kids entertained are there to choose from. The best resorts may also have dining establishments that cater to kids alone.

Families going on cheap family vacations can do without the opulent packages of educational tours and camps, but factors such as safety should be top priority when considering a vacation resort. Resorts should have childproofed amenities as well as packages that allow parents to share accommodations with the kids. Swimming pools and other recreational areas should come with ample security and round-the-clock lifeguards for the hotel swimming pools and other water activities. A specialized menu for kids should also be available. Five-star dining is always great, but five-year olds may not appreciate gourmet dinners as much as the parents will.

Deciding among the many options of family vacation resorts can be daunting. However, one can concentrate on the primary considerations such as safety, food and entertainment in order to narrow down the list of choices. One can also ask for referrals from friends or travel agents about which vacation resorts cater best to family vacationers.


Disney World Resort Packages

So you are looking for Disney World Resort Packages?

Follow along for my top 3 tips to help you save money and find the best Disney World resort vacation packages. These deals are easy to find if you know where to go.

Tip #1 – Ok, you will need to do some research online. You will find many deals in the top search engine results. Be sure to take a good look at the first ten or so. Take notes and do comparison shopping. Be sure to write everything down so that you can compare prices later.

Tip #2 – The second tip I have for you is pretty easy. You will need to call Disney World reservations and ask about their in house specials. These are specials that are not given out online, and most of these require a special code. You will be pretty amazed at the savings. Disney has many all inclusive resort packages. Also be sure to ask about Disney’s value seasons. Disney will have prices at resorts slashed in half during this time. This tip will save you hundreds of dollars.

Tip #3 – This third tip is very important. Be sure to add the Disney Dining Plan to your resort package. This is worth it’s weight in gold. I remember the first time I went to Disney and I did not use this valuable option, and my wallet lived to regret it. I never go on a Disney Family Vacation without this option. It is a must for big savings.