Recession-Proof Hotels Tips For the Budget-Conscious Traveler

Staying in a hotel can prove to be an effective diet for one’s wallet. Especially given the current economic landscape, pinching pennies becomes a top priority for leisure travelers and on-the-go businessmen alike.

Tip No. 1: Always be wary of extra charges

Make sure that you’re booking at a hotel or at a booking site that has no hidden charges. Some travelers get surprised that their total tab had gotten so bloated, even when they computed or estimated the costs themselves. That’s because some hotels sneak in some surcharges and hidden fees.

There are all manners of costs and fees that can and will be charged to one’s account, well beyond whatever rate or quote one got from the desk attendant. Incredibly expensive overnight parking fees, housekeeping fees, expensive international telephone calls, and so on-those are the types of extra fees one can incur if one isn’t careful.

Hidden charges may be relatively small, but they can add up to pad one’s fees into something that puts a serious dent in the budget. Incidentally, one of the more famous charges that can pad one’s hotel fees involves our second tip…

Tip No. 2: Leave that mini bar alone!

Ah, the mini bar-home to some delightful treats and drinks that saves the guest the trouble of having to send for some or going down to the convenience store or the mall for refreshments. They’re all there, set up right when a guest first enters their room. The mini bar usually takes the form of a small fridge stocked with many things: snacks, candy bars, alcoholic beverages, and other stuff. Some mini bar items can be found on a neat counter. All of its contents are at the behest of the guest.

Just remember one important rule of thumb: mini bar items are NOT free. In fact, they are quite expensive, easily twice or even four times the item’s normal convenience store price. Many have fallen to the mini bar emptying spree and regretted it later, with their tab ramped up to something quite possibly equal to or even exceeding their room charge. That’s why, unless one really absolutely must have something from the mini bar, it would be best to avoid its contents entirely.

Tip No. 3: Book online to find the best accommodation deals

Online booking has become quite a luxury for many. Not only do they afford prospective guests with the convenience of booking with just a few clicks of their mouse, they also offer exclusive deals that might not be possible when booking at the front desk. With the immense growth of the Internet, there are now thousands of booking sites that one can choose from. Plus, one can also go to the web sites of particular hotels to inquire about room rates and special offers or promotions.

Who says that there aren’t ways to circumvent hotel expenses in today’s recession-addled landscape? There will always be things to avoid in order to keep the budget tight and be able to focus on other more important things on one’s travels, and there will always be incredible deals waiting for the discerning traveler.

Two Things You Must Bring When Staying at an All Inclusive Resort

Going away for a break from reality and work is something everyone should do at least 2 times a year. You get to let all that stress go away and relax. Whether it is sitting by the pool, ocean or just hanging out at the bar and people watching, getting your mind off of all the every day stuff does a person good.

One trip you might consider is going to an all inclusive resort. You do not have to worry about carrying money around to pay for anything. It is all included for you. You do not have to toil over a stove to make dinner either. All the food is cooked for you. You do not have to clean up either. You finish and just get up and leave. A dollar or two tip would be very nice of you though.

When you go to an all inclusive resort there are 2 things that are a must to take with you.

The first thing is a big insulated cup. When you get your drinks at one of these resorts, it will most likely be in a small plastic cup. The cup is so small, you will be done your drink before you get back to where you are sitting. You will also be making a lot of trash by using all these throw away plastic cups. By bringing your own big cup, the bartenders at the resort will fill it for you. The resort will be happy that you are saving them cups. You will be happy that you are reducing garbage. Here is a little extra tip for you. When you pack your big cup to take with you, do not waste the space inside of it. I usually stick an extra pair of sunglasses in there and maybe another thing or two that will fit.

The next thing you must bring is your own towel. At all inclusive resorts around the world, they will provide you with a towel to use at the pool or beach. Early in the morning you will see people putting their towels on chairs on the beach or around the pool. This is to save the chair for themselves. This happens in all the resorts. They say it is not allowed, but there really is no way to stop it. The reason you bring your own towel is so that you can find the chair you saved more easily. With everyone putting the same color towel on chairs, it can be a task to remember which one is yours. God forbid if you take the wrong chair. You may end up in fight. So bring your own towel from home so you can spot it and know that it is yours.

There are the two must things to bring when you go to an all inclusive resort.

How to Choose Best Value for Money Hotels

Choosing Best Value for Money Hotels

Hotel prices are always variable, with the rapid increase in economy as well as in hospitality industry there is a rapid increase both in prices as well as in choices and services offered. The choices are numerous which makes choosing the right hotel which offers you with full comfort and value for money complicated. Here are some of the suggestions that will help you out in choosing the best hotel deals-:

Online Advance Booking

Try to book in advance to avail the best price. Book online and search for discounts, there are many agencies that offer you good discounts when you buy online.

Book online and don’t forget to compare different hotels in the category and the city you are going to stay. With a number of good travel websites it’s very convenient today to locate hotel by their location, price and visitors views.

Star Rating

Look for the star ratings of the hotel; they are given to hotels based on various parameters for instance two star rating represents basic accommodation whereas five star hotels will be luxurious and expensive hotels, they will provide you with various special facilities like different type of suites, spas, swimming pool, gym, a higher staff-to-guest ratio, rooms for business conference, wifi, in-house multi cuisine restaurant.

Cheap Trap

Don’t fall for cheap trap because the cheapest option isn’t always the good option. It’s just a marketing strategy to make things look tempting. Pay some-what more and search some more and have a good experience.


Always remember to explore the different areas of town as different areas will have different prices and will cater to different needs for e.g. if you are looking for a cheap and luxurious hotel accommodation for a fun trip a hotel on the outskirts of the main city will prove as a good option whereas business travellers will prefer hotel near city centre.

Brand Name

When going for 3 stars or 5 stars it’s always a good strategy to go with the brand name you trusted. It will surely give you good experience as things in branded hotels are standardized and you can be confident about your choice.

Pattaya Hotels – Tips For Getting The Best Deals

Due to Pattaya’s popularity as a beach destination, class hotels have a good occupancy rate during most part of the year. The city’s proximity to Bangkok ensures that many tourists visit it to get a feel of the exotic Thai beaches. While there are plenty of Pattaya hotels to choose from, tourists are always in doubt as to whether they should make an advance reservation to get good early bird rates or wait for last minute deals. While both options offer the lowest rates at Pattaya hotels, there are several other factors that need to be kept in mind.

The weather has a key role to play in the pricing of hotels. The monsoon period, between May and October every year, is the low tourist season. Although this means that the rates at Pattaya hotels will be at the lowest, you will not be able to enjoy the beaches or water sports, which are the main attractions. If you plan to stay indoors and shop during the rains, staying in Bangkok might be a better option. Although Pattaya has a few good options in the form of malls and shopping arcades in some Pattaya hotels, you will run through them in a day or two.

If you are looking at visiting Pattaya during the peak season such as over Christmas and New Year, it is advisable to book months in advance to be on the safe side. The best Pattaya hotels get booked early during the high season. So it is not advisable to wait for a late deal in case you find yourself disappointed by not getting a room at the hotel of your choice or having to stay in one of the Pattaya hotels that are not close to the beach. Other times when you should book ahead to ensure that you have a room is during the Thai festivals such as Songkran in April and Loy Krathong in November. Hotels also see a surge in demand for rooms during the Pattaya Marathon in July and the WTA Pattaya Open tennis tournament in February.

For off season travel, if you are not worried about getting a hotel on the beach, many tourists opt to land in Thailand and call up or walk into Pattaya hotels to negotiate good rates. Travelling at this time is suitable if you are happy to spend the day indoors at the spa or shops and head to the parties at Walking Street at night. However, if you don’t like the idea of walking from hotel to hotel trying to haggle for a good rate, you can also find last minute deals online for Pattaya hotels. Whichever option you choose, you will be amazed at the quality, facilities and services offered at the hotels in Pattaya.

Travel Tips To Avoid Hassles And Inconveniences

Traveling is not entirely rest and relaxation. You might also experience some hair-pulling situations that will leave you feeling frustrated and disappointed. But you can minimize or even completely eliminate common travel hassles and inconveniences if you know what to do.

Here are some of the travel tips you would want to know:

Tip 1: Choose the right luggage bag. Make sure it is made from sturdy materials so you will not lose garments along the way because of holes or gaping seams. Moreover, you should choose the right size. When checking luggage, it should have the right size and weight. Also choose a good carry-on luggage. It should have pockets and compartments for your hand-carry items such as toiletries, wallet, passport and some gadgets.

Tip 2: Be sensible about the things you are bringing with you. Make a list of the items you need. Browse over the list a few times so you can edit it out. Plan your outfits and bring sensible shoes. One pair of shoes is enough if you are going on a three-day trip abroad.

Tip 3: When packing liquid belongings, make sure you seal them properly. Place them in clear plastic bag and seal them tightly with masking tape or duct tape to avoid leaks.

Tip 4: Weigh your luggage after packing. This will give you a rough idea of how much your checked luggage will cost when you check it in the airport.

Tip 5: Confirm flight tickets, especially if you have a long trip ahead. You would want to call the airline company and confirm your flight at least 3 days before your scheduled flight.

Tip 6: When traveling to a non English-speaking country, you should bring books and paraphernalia that can help you translate the things you want to say in the vernacular. Also learn more about the culture of the people there. Do your research before booking a flight.

Tip 7: Call the hotel you are going to stay and ask if they give car service to pick you up at the airport. This way, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time finding your hotel.

Tip 8: Make an itinerary. When visiting amusement parks, make sure you know the days that they are open. Most amusement parks schedule day offs and maintenance days during Mondays.

Tip 9: Plan your trips early especially if you want to go during peak seasons. During holidays, festivals, sport fests and other special events, most hotel establishments and Airlines are fully booked.

Money-Saving Tips When Staying At An Island Resort

Nothing can be more perfect than living a beach lifestyle in an island paradise. You get to enjoy the warm sun, cool and refreshing natural breeze, and take a dip at the beautiful, invigorating beach any time you want to. And aside from just one beach or more, a paradise also offers a lot of other natural, stunning sceneries and attractions that are worth seeing and visiting.

To have the best vacation on an island though, consider staying at a resort. They offer great services, amenities, and they allow you easy access to the beautiful beach or seaside – areas that you will always want to visit or spend time in while you’re on the island.

Staying at a resort, and an island vacation, as a whole, can cost you a fortune though. These expenses can even go higher when you have your holiday in an exotic, foreign island.

But if you can’t ignore the call of a beach paradise and want to have a much-needed vacation here, below are some money-saving tips you can follow when staying at a resort for your island getaway:

Take advantage of current accommodation promos or specials offered by resorts. Although you want to save money on your accommodation, booking a room at a resort that offers the cheapest rates is not the best decision to make. You may end up regretting choosing this resort because the facilities and rooms are poorly maintained and dirty. You can still stay at a nice resort without spending a ton of cash by looking for one that offers some special promos, deals on rooms, or packages. By following this tip, you can have a more relaxing and enjoyable vacation and at the same time, still save some money.

Set a budget for your trip. Although a vacation is the ideal time to spend a lot of your hard-earned cash, without a budget, you might just end up blowing a lot of your money on unnecessary thing such as shopping for souvenirs, daily trip to the spa, etc. Before going on your holiday, set a budget that you will work with daily while you’re on vacation and make sure you stick to it.

Be flexible with your meals. The restaurants and cafes at the resort are there to make dining more convenient and comfortable for you. However, the meals, snacks, and beverages here tend to be more expensive compared to the dining and drinking establishments found in other areas of the islands. Consider eating or having your coffee or drinks at restaurants and other establishments outside the resort. Don’t count out buying your own bread, cold cuts, cereals, milk, snack bars, fruits, and other food and beverages from a local grocery that you can eat and drink when you’re hungry or thirsty to save money as well.