Tesla Reaches Fresh Spots and Impressive Heights with Tesla’s New Powerwall 2

Tesla may seem to be, first and foremost, a car company. But, that may not actually be the case. It could be likely that Tesla used vehicles as a means to an end to economic friendliness.

The efforts to improve the environment and boost efficiency could begin with cars, but there was never a rule that it had to end there. Tesla’s new powerwall could be a manifestation for a slightly new direction for the company that still retains its core ethos as an environmentally-conscious force in business.

Solar Panels and the Powerwall

Tesla is taking the residential space head-on with solar panels. The company is taking the basic mold of a solar panel and expanding it. Now, homeowners can obtain full solar roofs through Tesla.

The solar roof will have a distinct competitive advantage because it can dramatically reduce costs of installation and maintenance. The tempered glass will include quartz, which will vastly improve the density and durability of the window panels.

It is suggested that the windows can withstand impacts of upwards of 200 mph, which would essentially best any hurricane on record. In the last three years with Sandy, Matthew, Harvey, and Irma, this is a potential game changer.

Expected Cost Basics

The Powerwall will address some concerns among enthusiasts that largely revolve around cost. Cost details are still under wraps, but Tesla wants to keep the product powerful and incredible without forcing huge expenses.

The Powerwall 2 iteration is expected to double the power of the first version, and speculation suggests three times more power overall. The battery is currently slated to launch with a price tag of about $5,500. Real-time monitoring will allow homeowners to review battery and energy usage. The current cap on the battery in energy is 14 kWh, double the previous model.

Tesla’s best years may still be right around the corner. More and more people are enthusiastically embracing solar technology and energy-efficiency. The powerwall is a result of years, and even decades, of progressive thinking. It could be time for Tesla to break the basic conventions of their vehicle line and take on a new challenge- the residential world.