Recession-Proof Hotels Tips For the Budget-Conscious Traveler

Staying in a hotel can prove to be an effective diet for one’s wallet. Especially given the current economic landscape, pinching pennies becomes a top priority for leisure travelers and on-the-go businessmen alike.

Tip No. 1: Always be wary of extra charges

Make sure that you’re booking at a hotel or at a booking site that has no hidden charges. Some travelers get surprised that their total tab had gotten so bloated, even when they computed or estimated the costs themselves. That’s because some hotels sneak in some surcharges and hidden fees.

There are all manners of costs and fees that can and will be charged to one’s account, well beyond whatever rate or quote one got from the desk attendant. Incredibly expensive overnight parking fees, housekeeping fees, expensive international telephone calls, and so on-those are the types of extra fees one can incur if one isn’t careful.

Hidden charges may be relatively small, but they can add up to pad one’s fees into something that puts a serious dent in the budget. Incidentally, one of the more famous charges that can pad one’s hotel fees involves our second tip…

Tip No. 2: Leave that mini bar alone!

Ah, the mini bar-home to some delightful treats and drinks that saves the guest the trouble of having to send for some or going down to the convenience store or the mall for refreshments. They’re all there, set up right when a guest first enters their room. The mini bar usually takes the form of a small fridge stocked with many things: snacks, candy bars, alcoholic beverages, and other stuff. Some mini bar items can be found on a neat counter. All of its contents are at the behest of the guest.

Just remember one important rule of thumb: mini bar items are NOT free. In fact, they are quite expensive, easily twice or even four times the item’s normal convenience store price. Many have fallen to the mini bar emptying spree and regretted it later, with their tab ramped up to something quite possibly equal to or even exceeding their room charge. That’s why, unless one really absolutely must have something from the mini bar, it would be best to avoid its contents entirely.

Tip No. 3: Book online to find the best accommodation deals

Online booking has become quite a luxury for many. Not only do they afford prospective guests with the convenience of booking with just a few clicks of their mouse, they also offer exclusive deals that might not be possible when booking at the front desk. With the immense growth of the Internet, there are now thousands of booking sites that one can choose from. Plus, one can also go to the web sites of particular hotels to inquire about room rates and special offers or promotions.

Who says that there aren’t ways to circumvent hotel expenses in today’s recession-addled landscape? There will always be things to avoid in order to keep the budget tight and be able to focus on other more important things on one’s travels, and there will always be incredible deals waiting for the discerning traveler.