Two Things You Must Bring When Staying at an All Inclusive Resort

Going away for a break from reality and work is something everyone should do at least 2 times a year. You get to let all that stress go away and relax. Whether it is sitting by the pool, ocean or just hanging out at the bar and people watching, getting your mind off of all the every day stuff does a person good.

One trip you might consider is going to an all inclusive resort. You do not have to worry about carrying money around to pay for anything. It is all included for you. You do not have to toil over a stove to make dinner either. All the food is cooked for you. You do not have to clean up either. You finish and just get up and leave. A dollar or two tip would be very nice of you though.

When you go to an all inclusive resort there are 2 things that are a must to take with you.

The first thing is a big insulated cup. When you get your drinks at one of these resorts, it will most likely be in a small plastic cup. The cup is so small, you will be done your drink before you get back to where you are sitting. You will also be making a lot of trash by using all these throw away plastic cups. By bringing your own big cup, the bartenders at the resort will fill it for you. The resort will be happy that you are saving them cups. You will be happy that you are reducing garbage. Here is a little extra tip for you. When you pack your big cup to take with you, do not waste the space inside of it. I usually stick an extra pair of sunglasses in there and maybe another thing or two that will fit.

The next thing you must bring is your own towel. At all inclusive resorts around the world, they will provide you with a towel to use at the pool or beach. Early in the morning you will see people putting their towels on chairs on the beach or around the pool. This is to save the chair for themselves. This happens in all the resorts. They say it is not allowed, but there really is no way to stop it. The reason you bring your own towel is so that you can find the chair you saved more easily. With everyone putting the same color towel on chairs, it can be a task to remember which one is yours. God forbid if you take the wrong chair. You may end up in fight. So bring your own towel from home so you can spot it and know that it is yours.

There are the two must things to bring when you go to an all inclusive resort.